Fraudulent Job Offers

Some people have received what appeared to be genuine offers of employment from Nexteer Automotive via e-mail or social media platforms, but these turned out to be fraudulent. 

These offers are an email/social media scam targeting many businesses globally.  The senders are usually trying to obtain personal and/or bank information.  They may also be trying to extract money from potential candidates. 

These e-mails and documents can look authentic, with a company logo or convincing personal details taken from social networking pages.  However, these offers have no connection with Nexteer, nor do we use these methods as part of the recruitment process.  

What will a genuine offer from Nexteer look like?

  • Any genuine offer from Nexteer will always be preceded by a formal application and interview process.
  • We will never ask for a candidate’s Social Security number, birth date, credit card number, bank account information or other private information prior to onboarding with Nexteer. 
  • We will never ask for money from job applicants.   

How do I know if a job offer I received is fraudulent?

  • Offer letter or any communication makes poor use of the language and/or contains spelling errors.
  • E-mail comes from a non-Nexteer email address (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail) or the domain is misspelled
  • The offer was received over social media.
  • The job offer is received without a face to face or video interview.

What should I do if I receive a fake job offer?

  • Do not respond.
  • Add the address to your spam filter to prevent messages from the same source.
  • If you received this offer via social media, contact the social media platform to notify them of the fraudulent activity.


If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a posting or have other questions, please contact Nexteer directly at to verify.