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IT MFG Programmer - Kenitra

Data: 2019-04-20

Lokalizacja: Kenitra City, KEN, MA

Firma: Nexteer Automotive Corporation

      Position: Administrator of Production IT Systems

Basic duties and permissions:

  • Employee's awareness of the impact on the quality of the product and the importance of its activities in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality, including customer requirements and risk for the customer due to an incompatible product.
  • Infrastructure and application management on the production hall, creating standards
  • Supervision of the infrastructure and production and storage software
  • Making minor improvements in existing software
  • Diagnosing faults related to the production network
  • Keeping documentation of the production IT infrastructure
  • Designing and optimization of IT infrastructure (networks, servers) in terms of the most efficient operation of production software
  • Support for "Traceability" software in the scope of configuration changes
  • Definition of the production infrastructure review plan
  • Developing the maintenance department in the area of application and IT infrastructure skills and troubleshooting

Required qualifications

I Education:

  • IT engineer


II Experience:


III Skills / training:

  • Management of windows servers - good
  • SQL server management - good
  • Knowledge of SQL Clusters - good
  • HyperV knowledge - good
  • Knowledge of Windows NGD / scripts / installer - good
  • Knowledge of ITIL - good
  • Knowledge of IT security aspects - good
  • Knowledge of computer network design - good
  • Computer network management - very good
  • Programming (SQL) - very good
  • Backups (Management) - very good
  • Knowledge of Linux - basic
  • Knowledge of Windows CE - very good
  • English - good
  • Teamwork skills - good
  • Analytical thinking - very good
  • The ability to conduct training – good

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